Judging by the early sales of the Lego City Airport set, we can safely say that what happened with Lego Toys last year, will probably happen again! A lot of parents ended up buying Lego toys at inflated prices because the most sought after sets, like this one, completely sold out very early due to the high demand! Vendors on eBay and other auction websites made a lot of money by virtually blackmailing parents who didn’t want to disappoint their kids! It would be wise to buy this very popular toy as soon as possible to avoid falling in the same trap this year!

Lego are great toys that all children love, and it’s easy to understand why they are always prominently featured on all lists of best selling toys! Electronic toys and video games may be great كبار الشخصيات, but they often fail to stimulate your kid’s creativity like the Lego sets! Kids can spend many hours just building everything included in a set, like the Lego City Airport for example,but they’llalso be having fun using the individual Lego pieces to build their very own creations for many years to come! Parents often say that their children often use Lego to recreate things they see on TV!

Lego are also very educational toys! They motivate the imagination and creativity of children, as well as helping them develop essential motor skills that will come in handy in school and everyday life! Spending time with any Lego set will always be better and more educational for your children compared to watching TV or playing video games!

Lego toys may be more expensive than similar building toys, they are however, very successful because they are built to last! They very often get handed down from father to son! Lego was first released way back in 1932, which means that you too probably played with these toys while growing up!

The Lego City Airport is one of the largest Lego sets. It includes a jet plane, an airport terminal complete with real revolving doors, a luggage cart, a control tower and five unique minifigures, including the pilot, a flight attendant, a steward, a passenger as well as an airport service man! Just like with all Lego sets, additional figures, like passenger or a cargo planes, are also available! Actually, you can even buy more sets and build build the complete Lego City!

Lego has always been known for the attention to detail featured in their toys, however the Lego City Airport set truly takes this to a whole new level! Everything you may expect to find in an actual airport in included in this set! There’s a soda machine, a security scanning area complete with an X-Ray machine, a computer at the check-in desk and even coffee mugs for the people working there! The only disadvantage to this set is that it doesn’t many figures, so you might want to buy a few more, since it’s so big, that five is nowhere near enough!

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