In terms of website copy, I give webpages an SRC Rating. This is my own simple system that anyone can and it stands for: SPEED, RELEVANCE & CREDIBILITY.


Websites, in particular the page you land on, are all about speed. Your visitors are time-poor so they want what they are looking for to jump out and hit them in the face – instantly. It’s become part of web-culture. No-one ever sits in front of their computer with a steaming cappucino to have a leisurely surf.

Instead you manically search for what’s on your mind. You rapidly cast your eye over headlines, key words and images – desperate to know you’ve arrived at the right place.

If you are a website owner, it means your page layout, how you write, the words you use, size, colour and imagery etc all have a role to play.

Individually, they may not count for much but, collectively, they determine whether the page is SLOW or FAST.


Visitors arrive on your page with a ‘what’s in it for me’ attitude. They are not motivated by who or what YOU are. They just want to know you can provide the product, service or piece of information they require.

It’s one of the reasons Google is so successful. Google doesn’t give two figs about the advertisers who pay them millions of dollars. It only cares about the relevance of the information they provide.

The more relevance they think your content has in relation to the ad and the key words you use, the more they will promote it. That’s why every keyword has a quality score out of 10. Those with 7 and above get promoted at a cheaper cost per click that those that are lower.

Whether you use Google or not, it is important to make your ทางเข้า ufabet ภาษาไทย page relevant. You need to get inside the head of your potential visitor and provide exactly what they’re looking for… Not what you think they want.


Credibility is only significant if your visitor feels that what you offer is relevant. If it is, they want to know who else has used your service or bought your product. Testimonials, white papers, case studies, guarantees and number of years in business all contribute to your credibility.

The more you have of these, the more credibility you earn. Your visitor feels you are trustworthy, worth learning more about and/or spending money with.

What’s YOUR SRC Rating?

Apply the following scoring to your pages in terms of speed, relevance and credibility:

• High = 3

• Average = 2

• Poor = 1

A high SRC Rating is 9. If you’re really honest about your site, you might only rate a 3. Ideally, you should aim for 6 – 9.

If you score less, you now have an idea of what to work on.

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