LiveDrive is financed by Andrew Michael. Andrew founded Fasthosts Internet Limited, The United Kingdom’s premier and most successful Internet service provider which was sold in 2006 for in excess of $120m 聊天室. Andrew commented: “Online storage is the future. Lots of companies are trying to do it today but the products are crap and not a replacement for traditional storage methods. LiveDrive has been over two years in the making and will be the standard by which all competing products are judged”. LiveDrive offers two options: LiveDrive Backup and LiveDrive Briefcase (Pro). The Backup edition can backup of unlimited online devices and an unlimited quantity of files. The Briefcase or Pro edition retains all the features of the Backup version but also gives sharing and synchronization of data from unlimited online devices.

Feature Set
LiveDrive uses 128bit SSL encoding to their web site along with password protection for your account. Information transfer to and from the servers is protected by 256bit AES encoding – the most secure protection we have found for file transfers. When on their servers, your data is protected with 256 AES encryption (that’s military grade) and you can setup your own private key to manage the encryption if you wish 交友網站. Physically, your data is stored on state of the art servers in geographically separated data centers. These were originally only in the UK, however, since expanding their service to other global regions, they have also widened their network of data centers which makes your data more secure.

Backup Features
One of the most notable features of LiveDrive Backup is that it is really unlimited 識男仔. While using LiveDrive we have backed up many terabytes of data. Putting files on the backup schedule is as straightforward as right-clicking the file or folder and choosing ‘add to backup’ via the LiveDrive submenu. When added to the archive schedule, files are examined for amendments and scheduled for archiving as and when they are amended. File versioning is automatically enabled on any files within the backup set and are permitted up to thirty copies of an individual file. Open files will also backed up on a regular basis and because of the ‘block level incrementation’ technology just the amended bits of files are uploaded and these are then used to create a new version of the file. This method massively reduces the amount of information that must be uploaded. Network drives and removable devices such as pen drives or other plug-and-play products can also be backed up. A progress indicator is included status messages so you know what is being backed up and what is awaiting to be transmitted.

Restore Features
You are allowed to restore up to 30 different editions of any file that has been archived by entering the web site, selecting the file you wish to restore and selecting the edition of the file by means of date and time. When selected simply decide where you would like the file restored to and the portal will start the restore process. separate upload and download throttling controls in the desktop client but no processor controls. Socks Proxy servers can be setup which is useful if you are in a public environment and can only access the internet via a proxy server. You can also set priorities of types of files, emagine if you are gradually uploading your entire music collection, you should configure office docs and other file types ahead of video files so that your more vital data is backed up more quickly.

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