If even after using several skin products you didn’t get a satisfying result, you have got to try the new range of extraordinary natural skin products prepared with some of the natural skin care ingredients.

With the introduction of this new range of natural skin products, you will not have to have any more chemical treatments on your delicate tissue cells. Made of purely natural skin care ingredients, these health care products are setting a benchmark for all other skin products in the market not only on the basis of the results but also on the scientific comparisons of the ingredients.

These organic derma care products are actually based on organic and natural skincare lotion, which is created by a living creature that has almost similar skin type like the humans. This lotion is produced by the creature for repairing skin, protecting the skin and also for maintaining the skin’s  Derma Prime Plus moisture content. Hence when used this lotion will help to repair, protect, moisturize and even regenerate skin cells at the area of worn out skin and that too naturally.

The immune system of any living being is a laboratory much more capable than the man-made laboratories. The amount of chemicals and secretions, which are produced by the immune system, at the time of metabolism and as reactions to some damage or development, cannot be produced in the laboratories.

The lotion that is used in this new range of organic derma products comes from a very common creature of the phylum mollusca. Belonging to the class gastropoda, the species is scientifically named as Crystomphalus Aspersa. The lotion is collected from the living snails without harming them. The main task of this lotion is to support the immune system for repairing the skin at the location of damage.

The snail used this lotion for regenerating fresh new skin cells. This natural skin products are built with such natural skin care ingredients that the lotions actually stimulates the generation of new ‘fibroblasts’ and also ‘skin stem cells’ which are actually responsible for the structures of skin cells and also the creation of new skin cells.

This range of skin products from Biocutis incorporates all the goodness of nature for making human skin better naturally. These organic derma products also protects against the sun damages and act as strong antioxidants.

Being proven healthy and compatible with the human cells by the scientific experiments, this range of natural skin products are found to be very effective in restoring beauty of skin.

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