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My goal in life is to have and pursue the greatest Orgasms imaginable and so I spend a lot of time researching sex and sexuality as well as anything having to do with better orgasms and harder erections and increased sexual performance and male enhancement. Sometimes I discover things that have to be shared with others and this – the 10 Cent Viagra Alternative is exactly one of those instances.

Before I get into the nuts here, let me state that what I am offering here is my opinion and is not meant to be scientific. Yes, there is scientific and anecdotal evidence including studies and testimony which back up my opinion that this legal, over the counter supplement will allow you to get hard and stay hard but it is important to know that there is also research that may indicate otherwise.

You should not take any supplement – including any described here by me, or anywhere else, by anyone else without the recommendation of a Doctor.

There could be serious side effects to any supplementation program. Even simple vitamins can cause harm under certain circumstances and it is your duty to protect your own health. Please seek the advice of a Medical Doctor before doing what I have done. In fact, it is my recommendation that you do not use this supplement or any that I talk about in this article or future and past articles.

DHEA, Testosterone and the Impotence Link

DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) is a pro-hormone that is produced in your Adrenal Gland. In the 1994 it was re-classified from a ‘drug’ – which required a Doctor visit and a Prescription to a ‘supplement’ which is now sold over the counter in vitamin stores, online and even in many supermarkets.

Production of DHEA starts when you’re around 6 or 7 years old. Both boys and girls produce it and use it. It contributes to Sexual Maturation and development. At around 25 years of age – the production of DHEA within the body peaks and from there it’s a steady decline in production levels within your body.

That process almost matches the process of Testosterone production in your body and that’s important because it is known throughout the educated scientific community that Testosterone is the building block of manhood.

Testosterone levels in the body directly relate to strength, stamina, muscle building, weight gain, mood, Sex Drive and Sexual Performance.

Low Testosterone during developmental childhood years can lead to underdeveloped genitalia and reduced levels of Virility. Likewise, low Testosterone in adult men can lead to, among other things, low sperm counts and impotence.

As you age you produce less and less testosterone and since you produce less of it, the result is that your erections will not be as ‘firm and full’ as they once were, they will not  Sonavel  last as long as they once did and they will in general be ‘slower going’.

Many men, as they age report of the ability to maintain just enough of an erection to engage in intercourse with peak hardness coming at the point of Orgasm.

Temporary Impotence Medications are Expensive

Temporary and short term impotence is common place as you age and so are less full erections. Doctors are prescribing Viagra and other medicines to treat the condition but those medications are expensive and they do not cure the condition and do nothing for increasing your libido and sex drive.

Yes, you get hard and stay hard and certainly that allows you to relax to enjoy yourself more, but your sex drive in not increased, you do not feel hornier.

The thing to know is that there is a direct relation between testosterone levels, sex drive and your erection.

In general, the more testosterone you have the bigger your sex drive and the harder your erection. And likewise the opposite is true – the less testosterone you have the less your sex drive and the softer your erection.

In fact, Testosterone replacement therapy is a ‘Hot’ new trend where those that undergo it seek to increase their levels of the hormone and reap the benefits of increased testosterone, which include basically everything associated with youth – including lively and virile erections.

What we’re talking about here is an alternative to Viagra and obviously Viagra is the ‘Hard On’ drug. Take it and you get hard and stay hard.

Well considering Testosterone and its relation to sex drive and the functionality of your erection, what we can consider are ways that we might boost or replenish testosterone production in the body in order to gain the benefits – which include better erections.

Increased Libido and Sex Drive at a Fraction of the Cost

DHEA supplementation has been shown to increase Immune System Function, and Muscle Building and Muscle Strength and Testosterone Production and that is accompanied by better, more full erections and a higher libido and sex drive.

Let me speak freely here about my experience with and use of DHEA with the understanding that it might very well be your experience too should you decide to pursue it.

When I supplement with DHEA there are times when I feel 20 years younger – in all aspects of my life. My muscles flex tighter and feel stronger, my energy levels are higher, I feel more powerful – as though I have not peaked in growth. I even have a clearer ‘train of thought’ and better all around focus.


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