If you are afraid of math, tell yourself that by the end of this semester you won’t be anymore. Math phobia is a widespread epidemic in our country, so if you suffer from it, you’re not alone. However, if you need to take a math class, you can do well — even if you have historically feared math. The first step towards doing well in math is to tell yourself that you can. Follow the tips below for studying, and eventually, you’ll begin to believe it.

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To Do Well in Your Math Class, Go To Your Math Class

Just because you can cut class in college doesn’t mean that you should. Especially in math. Math is a subject that draws heavily on your visual learning abilities. You need to be able to watch the professor work out equations on the board. And if you’re not there, you can’t do that. Attending class is a great first step, but it’s not enough. Take notes on what the professor says and does, and when you get confused, put your hand up in the air and ask a question. You might be the only one with your hand up, but you’re not the only one with your question cours particuliers maths.

Attend Section As Well — Make Your TA Your New Best Friend

Most math courses are taught in large lecture formats that meet a couple of times a week. If your math class is like this, then you will also have section a couple of times a week — a smaller group meeting of students led by a TA, or teaching assistant to your class’s professor. If you are bashful about asking questions in the large crowd that is your lecture, you will feel more comfortable asking them here. You should not miss section because it offers a great opportunity for more personalized attention.

Practice, Practice, Practice

Before you get to section, you should do your best with the assignments that you have. If you run into problems with your problems, you can ask your TA about them. You should also review your notes from class and make sure that you understand everything that happened. Math is a discipline that builds on itself. You need to make sure you can master every step along the way so that you’ll be able to tackle the next ones as well.

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