If you are struggling to find the right patio furniture to suit your garden, then this is the no nonsense guide for you. Taking you on a journey through an English Country Garden, Mediterranean Villa with a quick stop off at a Continental Café we will arrive at Modern Architecture with a clear idea of the type of patio furniture that will best suit your garden.

Into-the-Woods Effect in a Well-Tended Plot - The New York Times

English Country Garden
Your garden is a luscious green, it includes well tended flower beds which contain rose bushes or similar. The patio is paved in beautiful weather worn flags.

To achieve the English country garden look with your patio furniture, the ultimate has to be white washed wicker, cane or rattan. Finish the look with floral seat cushions that complement the roses in your garden. Parasols will be dainty wee things in whites and pinks. For a more modern twist look to Cath Kidson. Gingham is great if you’re keen to stay away from chintz but still want that traditional English look. Alternatively you could go for a more demure Victorian look with wrought iron tables and chairs Gartenhelfer Stundenlohn.

Mediterranean Villa
Preferably you have an outdoor swimming pool which is surrounded by wood decking. Failing this you have a nice sunny spot, terraced area or wood decking scattered with potted plants.

White, white, white! If you want to bring a little piece of the Mediterranean to your patio, you will need to gather as much sunshine as possible. And white is the colour to do this. Go for sun loungers with a dark teak base finished with long white cushions. Try to avoid anything too fussy, the Mediterranean look is all about simple lines and comfort. If you have room you could always invest in an outdoor sofa, in white of course for the ultimate in Mediterranean style.

Continental Café
Possibly a balcony or patio at the front of the house. A great spot for people watching. You enjoy sitting alone or with in small groups for drinks rather than large meals.

This is a good look if your patio isn’t very big, by nature café chairs and tables tend to stack/fold away quite easily and don’t take up too much space. Traditional continental café tables & chairs consist of aluminium frames holding together wood slats, under the shade of white taupe parasols. If you’re looking for something a bit different, you might want to consider a wrought iron set with mosaic table top.

Modern Architectural
You don’t have to live in the Museum of Modern Art to adopt this look. Your house and garden are simply modern, patios are decked or recently flagged. You style is neat, tidy and sleek.

People too often balk at tubular aluminium furniture, ruling it out as mass produced and common place. However it is important to remember that it is only common place because it does its job so effectively. And like great modern architecture it achieves what it has set out to do. So let your tubular aluminium table and chairs stand proudly on your modern patio, sometimes, less is more!

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