As Bangalore is gearing up fast to become the knowledge hub or back-office of the world, the need for professionals with proficiency in languages like German, Chinese, Japanese, and Spanish is increasing at a rapid pace mainly because of the Industry need to engage and interact with customers in that part of world.

Also, the same need is driven by ITES sector where support or telemarketing is involved. Besides IT/ITES sectors, the export sectors or Government sector where foreign language professional are required to become part of the delegates or setting up infrastructure overseas.

Since fighting terrorism has become important for all countries, the need for professionals with Arabic knowledge is required by Government & private security agencies to fill various jobs related to this field.

So, as the landscape and echo system for jobs and Government sectors are changing day by day, the need for professionals with foreign language is also increasing at the same pace. Moreover ipcc coaching in bangalore, this would act as an additional asset on student resume while competing for jobs in today’s competitive market. This may be the right opportunity for people in the Education sectors to identify this need and see if this can be filled by making foreign language learning as part of higher education curriculum. Just like in the west, the Government mandate Universities to offer this language training where the student is required to take one of the foreign languages of their choice and achieve basic proficiency level before graduation.

Besides, this will benefit Industry like IT/ITES and other export oriented sectors to hire well rounded professional who are ready to meet the challenges and requirements of today’s job market without spending additional investments during employee training and orientation. For the benefit of the Industry, it would be better to standardize the training content across the country so that basic needs of the employers would be fulfilled independent of where the students come from.

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