Unless you have lived under a rock for the past few years, you are most likely familiar with YouTube and some of the other large video sharing sites. They have gained tremendous popularity and became not only a playground, where people from all over the Globe upload and share their funny and amusing videos, but also a source for finding useful and informative videos as well. In this article, I will list a few options that you can use to make a video even though you have never created one before.

1. Use your own camcorder or digital camera to record your video – this is the first and the most obvious option, but there is a great number of people that are not even aware that their digital cameras come with a video recording option. Almost all compact digital cameras that have come out in the past few years have a built-in movie mode – refer to the manual or look for a button, slide, or a dial that has a movie camera icon. Even if you do not have a camcorder or digital camera, check out your cell phone features as the latest models come with high-resolution cameras and are capable of recording videos with surprisingly good quality. Most of these devices record the videos in a file format that YouTube and the other sharing sites recognize and once you make a video, simply connect the digital camera or cell phone to your computer, transfer the file, and then upload it to the video sharing site.

2. Use your still images and an online video creation service youtube video mp4 downloader. Services like Animoto and OneTrueMedia allow their users use images, text, and footage to make a movie that looks far better than a slideshow. You can create your own masterpiece using one of the many available services in a matter of minutes, although some restrictions might apply if you use free services only.

3. Use your webcam to record a video. This option is the most restrictive as you cannot take a webcam on your mountain trip and capture the breathtaking scenery, but is still a viable option. You can use almost any webcam and the software that it came with, and make a movie where you and your friends are the main actors.

Once you have managed to put your first video together, then it is time to add some background music and make a few small changes. If you are running Windows, then you should already have Windows Movie Maker installed on your computer and only in the latest, Windows 7 version, the program has to be downloaded and installed separately, but is still free. You can also find a few free basic video editors online and all of them would let you make small changes, add audio to your movie, and even apply various cool effects. One thing to keep in mind is that even though most video sharing sites accept AVI files, they are typically very large and can take a long time to upload, depending on your Internet connection. If you make a movie that is in the AVI file format, converting it into a smaller FLV or MP4 file before uploading it might be a good idea.

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