Cupom Pichau is one of the most famous and popular dishes in Thailand. Even outside Thailand it is a very popular dish with tourists. The origin of this particular dish is in Manipur, a province in northeast India. There are many similarities between the Indian dish and its Thai counterpart. They both are made from rice and have similar ingredients.

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The first recipe for this dish was created during the reign of Rama V (King Chalalongkorn). It is said that Rama V found a pachid growing at the edge of the water. He picked the pachid, cooked it and shared it with his attendants. Since then it has been a symbol of luxury and status. Today the dishes served in Thailand are associated with specific regional cuisines.

The pachid is steamed rice noodles with a variety of ingredients such as onion, garlic, ginger, peanuts and fish sauce. The pachid is served with a sweet sauce made from tamarind, coconut milk or condensed milk. It is eaten alone or eaten together with vegetables or chicken curry.

A pachid can be eaten alone, but is often accompanied by a sweet and sour paste known as “khom”, which is made from condensed milk and chili. Khom is the most popular dessert across Thailand and is a must try when in Phuket. The paste and milk mixture is used to create several varieties of sweets. These sweets are available in all different flavors such as fruit, ice creams and chocolate. Some are even more exotic than these traditional sweets. For example there is a pachid that is made from banana that contains over 16 flavors such as apple, plum, lemon, grapefruit, orange and passion fruit Cupom Pichau.

You will also find that there are many variations of this dish. In Phuket you will find one called “Chai Pachida”, which is a variation of the original which is prepared using chai tea. It is served either with a bowl of rice or with a piece of grilled prawn. A more common version is called “Nasi Kandar” which is an air fried chicken that is lightly spiced and served with red currant sauce.

If you have never had a paid before then you are in for a real treat. It is served either with white rice or with brown rice. In Phuket there are variations such as serving it with plain boiled water or with salty fried rice. It can also be served with raw egg, raw potato and spicy peanut sauce.

The unique style of serving the acid is to mix in the ingredients such as onions and garlic before cooking. This gives it a more distinct flavor. There are many versions that are made using coconut milk or other spicy sauces. If you have a strong flavored chicken then you might like it with a tomato based sauce or red or green sauces.

You can prepare this delicacy the traditional way using thin slices of pachid. However, if you do not have time to cook it, then here is a great alternative. You can buy pachid from many Asian food stores in Phuket or Thailand. Most of them come from Chiang Mai in the North. If you are planning to go to Phuket one of the places to visit is the Chiang Mai International Airport as there are many Asian markets in the area.

There are many ways in which the acid can be served. They can either be served raw or cooked. In Thailand especially, it is usually served raw. If they are cooked, they are served with a sweet and sour mix called mai hindi.

In some places, sticky rice is used to accompany the acid. It is made from wheat flour and is often spiced by adding herbs and spices. Sometimes the acid is served with vegetables. Else they are eaten plain with just the bean sprouts. Pachid can also be served with fish or meat.

A paid is usually served with some sticky rice and a sweet red or green curry. Along with the pachid you will get a soup called “Chap Mien” or “Chap See”. The soup usually consists of soup, chilies, coconut milk and lemongrass.

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