Visions are messages that come directly from God, and they are conducted by the Holy Spirit. Other types of so-called “visions” might just be dreams; and they normally occur daily with no particular meaning or message, although I suppose they can.

I have been the recipient of three very significant visions in the last eight months, and each vision came with clear instructions to take action. One vision occurred in December 2010, and the last two happened in May and in June of this year. All the visions were experienced between the hours of 12:30 am and 2:30 am.

Don’t be apprehensive about visions since they are directly initiated by God, and you will be sufficiently awakened to hear the message. Visions are instructions specifically designed for you alone, and the Holy Spirit will assist you to understand, appreciate, and interpret the vision.

Visions may be simple instructions to do something urgently. For example, in the vision of December 2010, I was asked to pray with absolutely no names given.

In this vision, I had no idea who I was praying for. I got confirmation the following morning by asking various people. A plea was made to God for ‘prayer companionship’ by someone I had recently met through my Prayer Blog. The beneficiary of the prayers was her husband. At the time of the vision, he was in a hospital in Texas suffering from constant seizure attacks.

In the vision of May of this year, I was instructed to pray for the life of someone well-known to me in the past. I had met this person while on vacation in the Dominican Republic back in 2008. She currently resides in Europe, and as of last March, I believe that she turned 43 years old.

I was sound asleep at the time of the visions, but I was physically awakened through “touch and voice” until I was listening well. On the first vision I was actually “tapped” on my right shoulder various times in order to wake me up, and I was told to pray in silence.

For your knowledge and understanding, I will describe Vision 20 reviews the exact words passed to me on the vision of May 24th at around 2:00 am, give or take, and her name was clearly mentioned:

*** You need to place her back on your Prayer Vigil List; she has breast cancer, Stage 2; your prayers will be heard, and she will be made aware of her illness; she will seek treatment right away; her life is being spared; your prayers will intercede on her behalf and God.

I will relate to you what happened the day before the vision. I had gone biking long distance on Monday, May 23rd, and during my reverie I had made up my mind to erase all memory of this lady. I hadn’t been able to make contact with her over the last two and a half years. When I got home, I got cleaned up and proceeded to delete all records of her from my computer. I even took her off from Skype; and I had already gotten rid of her address and all small gifts that she gave me in the Dominican Republic.

As soon as I got up on the morning of the vision, I placed her immediately on my daily Prayer list, and I also put her back on Skype. I have been praying for her life fervently and incessantly every day since the vision. And very likely, I might be the only person praying for her at this very moment. Why was she “assigned” to me, I ask? Probably because I love her still!

On June 29th, I experienced another vision at 12:30 in the morning. This vision was again a call to pray for someone whose name was not disclosed. The need to pray was so strong that I prayed for over two full hours. I knew in my heart for whom the prayers were intended.

On July 4th, I received confirmation from the spouse of the cancer patient for whom my prayers were directed in the vision. They live in California and I live in Florida. For visions, distance has no bearing or importance. I met her through my Prayer Blog, and have been praying for her husband for about three weeks now.

The reason that they were both praying together on the night of my vision: they were praying for his life in a moment of total crisis! Her husband is presently fighting oral cancer at Stage 4. They didn’t want to disturb the other patient sharing the hospital room with him, thus, the need to pray in silence. I was three thousand miles away doing exactly the same thing: praying in silence and for the same person’s life, and all because of a vision!

Perhaps you find visions difficult to understand, and even doubtful. I know how you feel! Many times I have felt that I was talking to myself. But I’ve noticed that every time that I have experienced a vision the “voice” has taken full command of my attention. And when I have asked questions to the “voice,” I have received precise answers.

I feel privileged to experience visions; and the last three visions occurred at crucial moments in the lives of three people who were very far away from me. Had I ignored the instructions included within the visions, I would have been remiss in my moral and spiritual obligation as a person who prays for others.

Please don’t underestimate the value of visions for they carry messages of major significance and importance; especially when they determine the outcome of a person’s life who is suffering from a serious illness, or even a fatal disease.

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