For over a hundred years, UK residents have sent each other birthday cards to celebrate their special day. First invented as more of an apology card, in England, (as in this time people would traditionally meet up with the person on their birthday, to personally wish them well, and a card was sent to apologise for not being able to), today we give cards even if we know we will be seeing the recipient – just to make them feel special on their day.

The tradition of begging forgiveness on birthdays still carries on today – often we do find ourselves apologising while we hand over a store-bought card, worried that we think they won’t like it, it won’t be suitable, or (heaven forbid) they already have the exact same card from another well-wisher. This has become increasingly common, as chains of card shops and supermarkets offer a limited range of often identical cards – meaning that it is very likely the card you find that is ‘perfect’ has often already caught the eye of another friend, who thinks it’s perfect, too!

Of course there is never any need to apologise if you get them personalised birthday cards – a revolutionary way of creating special and unique cards, designed to make the lucky recipient know you really do care. Personalised birthday cards are created to be unique and personal – and you decide exactly what will be written not only inside the card (no more cringe-worthy poems or twee notes), but also the name and message on the front, all part of the card design Aadhar Card Download by Aadhaar Number!

You can celebrate any birthday with personalised birthday cards, with the huge range available on-line allowing you to surprise anyone from a small child to your gran! Because you can customise any of the personalised birthday cards to say exactly what you want, there are literally hundreds of different combinations – so you’ll never be embarrassed with a duplicate card again. The range of personalised birthday cards includes illustrated children’s cards, with bright and fun cartoon characters and designs, to risqund silly cards designed to embarrass and amuse the older generation.

Many of these cards allow you to change not only the names on the front of the card, but also the age too! No more scrabbling frantically through the card racks looking for a less-popular age – you can put literally any age on a card. This is particularly fun if you want to embarrass a sibling with a children’s card – there is nothing more eye-catching than a bright kids card with a big “33 Today!” on the front! In addition, there are loads of beautiful photographic cards that with wow absolutely anyone – but with a twist.

Advances in digital imagining technology has meant that cards can be created with the photographs edited in different and fun ways, quickly and easily without costing the earth. This means that many personalised birthday cards can incorporate the birthday girl or boys name in exciting and fun ways. This makes for really eye-catching (and quite mind-boggling) cards featuring names and messages in such a way that the birthday boy or girl will think that the photograph was taken just for them on their special day. For example, the ‘Happy Birthday Cake’ card features a stunning photograph of a tasty birthday cake, complete with candles.

Written in icing are the words “Happy Birthday – YOUR NAME!” That’s right, you can have any name written smoothly and realistically in the icing on the cake – so real that the cake will seem baked just for them. Imagine the surprise on their faces when they open the envelope and see a card so perfect and personal! Another great card that uses this fun and innovative new technology is the ‘Mountainside Letters’ design. Show your loved ones that you think their name should be written “Hollywood Style” with this card, as it writes their name or a message in tall white letters across a stunning mountain scene.

There are loads more personalised birthday cards available on-line, and they can all be ordered in just a few clicks of a mouse, specially created and personalised just to make their birthday special. Although all cards are created uniquely for each person, orders can be sent to your door within a working day – with orders placed before a certain time often posted that very same day by First Class post! An extra envelope can be included if you want to hand the card over yourself, or it can be posted directly to the lucky recipient. Put your feet up and browse the stunning selection – it’s all yours for the picking and personalising.

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