If you are a merchant and want to accept the most popular payment platform out there; it is time that you learn about the new payment process called Bitwage. This innovative new service allows your business to accept the most popular form of payment in the world today; it is a form of payment known as BitUSD. In order for your business to become Bitwage certified, there are a few things that need to be done. Those of you who do not know much about this revolutionary new digital currency should read this article:

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Merchants that are currently operating an online store or blog on WordPress or Shopify can instantly begin accepting bitcoin. However, since this service is still brand new there are some hurdles that have to be overcome before the entire process can be completed. One of these barriers is the availability of a payment gateway. The payment gateway is a special software program which enables merchants to transact with Bitwage instead of with a traditional currency bitcoin payment processor.

Many of the current internet payment processors like PayPal, Xoom, WorldPay, Paydotcom, etc. are designed to provide the customers of their service with the ability to convert currencies once they are paid. Although these services offer this capability, they are limited to only processing certain currencies. Since most people worldwide will not always be able to match their bitcoins up with a fiat currency, most merchants will have to get a different type of service.

Fortunately for the merchants who want to use the most secure way to process payments, they can choose to go with a Bitwage merchant account. The best Cryptocurrency payment gateways will provide the most secure way for any business to process payments and convert currencies. There are two main differences between these two types of services. They are, how easy they are to set up and how much they cost.

The best Cryptocurrency payment method will allow merchants to accept bitcoins for any product that they sell. The problem with most of the other Cryptocurrencies is that some are struggling to catch on in the marketplace. The second biggest difference between the top two is that Bitwage accepts both major cryptosurfs, which will allow it to provide more diversity in its clients.

If you want your online store or business to be able to accept payments made using bitcoins then you will want to look into getting a Bitwage merchant account. The fees associated with Bitwage are very reasonable and it is the most efficient way for most merchants to process their payments. Most Cryptocurrency transaction sites like Bitpesa or CoPay will not allow you to process your payments with bitcoins. Although they will let you use them, they will charge you roughly the same fee that you would pay to a regular credit card company. With a bit of research you can find alternative currencies that will work just as well.

The third major difference between the top two Cryptocurrencies is that one has a built in bitcoin payment processor while the other does not. By installing a plugin you can instantly convert any amount from any of the leading Cryptocurrencies to Bitwage, giving you instant conversions. Some of the most popular plugins include Coingea and Coinkit but there are plenty of others available if you look around.

The three distinct differences between the top two leading Cryptocurrencies will help make the choice between them much easier. The best bitcoin payment gateways are easy to use and understand, they are extremely fast, and they provide support for several different currencies. Using a plugin will also help make the process easier for beginners, since it can handle conversions right off the bat. Once you have these things set up you should be able to accept any of the major currencies out there and make fast, secure, and private transactions at blazing fast speeds.

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