The mere thought of being able to test for STDs at home is enough to get most people to start thinking about it. With the increase in cases of sexually transmitted diseases across the globe, home testing has become a necessity more than a choice. And there are many advantages to this. You don’t have to go through the uncomfortable and painful testing such as those done in hospitals which can have nasty side effects such as nausea and swelling. You can do it discreetly and easily and save money too.

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Most STDs are not life threatening or contagious and can be easily treated with medicines. You should only take an STD test when you have symptoms such as itchiness, burning sensation during urination and sexual intercourse, sores in the genital area, or discharge from the vagina or penis. Home testing is often preferred for those who test positive but don’t show any symptoms for months. But be sure that you have actually tested negative so that you can stop worrying and stressing yourself over what may have happened std test at home.

When doing STD tests at home, one important thing to remember is to use a proper kit that is specifically designed for the type of skin that you have. This will ensure accuracy and save you from using other products that might be harmful. The kit should also be used as directed to avoid wasting your time and getting an inaccurate result. When testing for Gonorrhea, the test comes in a form of a swab that you can insert into the vagina for a couple of minutes. After the test is complete, you will have to urinate to see if the infection has been cured.

Syphilis usually comes in a form of a small sticky liquid or a scab that you have to wipe off. The tester looks for a discoloration on the skin over the area of the scab. You would be advised by your doctor to consult him or her if you see any yellow color on the skin and then make your decision. If you have caught the infection, the doctor will write a prescription and you would be given medication at home.

HPV symptoms tend to last longer and may not show up right away. In this case, you will need to wait a couple of weeks before you can test for it again. The important thing to note is that once you are infected with HPV, you have to take care of it because it can cause serious problems to you and your partner in the future. Once you become aware that you have it, you have to start undergoing treatments so that you will not infect other people.

One thing you should know about the medications is that you can take them for several months before you can start expecting your results. Of course, this is to prevent any complications. If you do not want to take the medications, there are many alternative methods to choose from like using a condom, having an early morning walk, and visiting the doctor in the early afternoon. Of course, it depends on the person if they feel comfortable with alternative methods. However, you can always test for STDs by yourself at home.

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