When suffering from vaginal yeast infection, a doctor may prescribe oral medication that will help you go out the muddle of experiencing itchiness, irritation, and bad odor down there. But aside from these drugs, some people would testify that home remedies are indeed effective in keeping the bacteria on bay. Most likely their claim is true since the components of these prescribed medicines are also the ingredients found on some home remedies like for example the Nizoral shampoo which contains ketoconazole which is one of the popularly prescribed medications for vaginal yeast infection.

Ketoconazole is basically a synthetic antifungal drug employed to avert and treat skin and fungal infections including imunocomprised patients like those who are suffering from AIDS. Commercially, it is sold as Nizoral which is a famous shampoo that treats dandruff and was produced by Janssen keravita pro Pharmaceutica. The reason why this is very much effective in treating the infection is the fact that is very lipophilic which result to the accumulation of fatty tissues. The ketoconazole is best absorbed by the body when it is highly acidic and so it is not advisable to drink antacids which will lower drug absorption. Moreover, ketoconazole also prevents the development of yeast and dermatophytes like for example Candida albicans. However, the drug should be taken as prescribed by the doctor since clinical trials shows that some patient react badly on the drug, such resistance typically incur as a result of mutations in the sterol biosynthesis pathway. And so before you finally decide to use Nizoral shampoo for vaginal yeast infection, ask the doctor first if it will work well on you.

When the times comes that you are free from the trouble, do not repeat the same mistake again. Try to do all means to prevent the infection to recur. You need to take daily supplements which are specially made to prevent yeast infection from coming back. Always keep vaginal area clean and dry as you practice changing underwear often. For your underpants, it is advised to go for cotton material and after using toilet, wipe the area clean by the use of a tissue. Wash your underwear in hot water and do not use fabric softener in the dryer because it can attract more bacteria from growing, also do not wear underpants that are too tight. And since antibiotic is also one of the culprit for the development of bacteria, try to go away from this medication unless it is extremely necessary.

For your diet, eat foods rich in proteins and grains. Consuming yoghurt will also help since it is made up of live acidophilus bacteria. Try to go away from processed foods, alcohol, and sugar since it can cause more distress. If you want to use lubricating gels when having sex, choose water soluble ones and if you’re suffering from yeast infection, let your partner wear condom to avoid spreading the disease. Do not have sex if it’s painful, it should first be well lubricated. Birth control pills can also trigger the infection so consider changing brand when it happens.

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