Many people assume that eating less often will result in weight loss. Often, they couldn’t be further from the truth. In actual fact, eating smaller meals at more frequent intervals during the day will boost the effects of your fat burning furnace. Get out there and graze!

It’s fairly obvious that when you starve your body it will be extremely difficult to avoid overeating once you have the opportunity. So by not eating all day or just eating tiny meals, once dinner rolls around you will be ravenous and unable to stop from consuming a large, heavy meal with a generous helping of dessert.

But did you also know that when you go too long between meals  Acidaburn your body heads into starvation mode. That means it starts to store fat for energy in case the starvation continues. What you want is for your body to burn fat, not store it. Starvation short circuits that goal.

You will need to shrink the size of those 3 meals and spread them out over 5 to 6 times each day. That will get the furnace burning through a few different methods.

First off, small meals grazed on over the whole day boosts your rest metabolic rate (RMR). That’s because digestion burns calories (metabolism) and if you eat more frequently, you digest more frequently and thereby metabolism happens more often and is spread out.

Grazing will also deliver a consistent energy level, reducing your need to grab sugary snacks for a boost. Your blood sugar level won’t experience peaks and valleys, which will keep your organs working well and not defaulting to the fat storage mode.

Your overall caloric intake should be less, as frequent eating leaves less room for high calorie, quick fixes at the drive through or vending machine. That type of grazing is not what you’re looking for.

Perhaps most importantly, nutritious grazing provides a steady supply of nutrients to your muscles as they grow and strengthen. This will support your workout and burn more fat.

Plan to eat 5 – 6 meals per day, keeping approximately 2.5 to 3.5 hours between them. Prepare your main meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) in smaller portions than you eat currently and then supplement with snacks at the alternate times. This approach will lead to steady metabolism, eliminate binging and blood sugar spikes as well as provide nutrients for your muscle growth from morning until night.

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