Airsoft is a relatively new combat sport in North America. It isn’t as well known as paintball, but the sales of airsoft guns are increasing steadily each year. The game is very similar to paintball, using strict rules for taking shots, keeping score and how participants are expected to maneuver throughout various types of competition. Such competitions include skirmishes and various types of military simulations.

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While just beginning to gain popularity in North America, airsoft guns have been extremely popular in Asia for decades. They were first introduced f in Japan and East Asia in the 1950’s, when it was almost impossible for private citizens to get any form of firearm. To fulfill their passion for target practice and role-playing military games, airsoft guns filled a niche that quickly spread across Taiwan, Hong Kong and South Korea. Today the popularity of airsoft weapons is quickly spreading across North America and Europe, with interest particularly high in areas such as Ireland and the United States.

Airsoft guns are increasing in popularity in the U.S. in contrast to paintball guns for a number of reasons. One reason is that airsoft pellets themselves are less likely to cause damage to the guns during the course of play. There is no paint enclosed in the pellets, therefore there’s no opportunity for them to rupture in an airsoft gun’s chamber and damage the gun itself. Because of this, airsoft guns are easier to take care of, keep clean and maintain. They also have fewer mechanical parts to take care of and are less prone to break down, making them less likely to jam up or cause problems during game play Guns for sale Europe.

The cost of airsoft guns and their ammunition is also considerably less than that of paintball weapons. While you can certainly invest a substantial amount of money in either form of combat sports play, the cost of a reasonably accurate and powerful airsoft gun is approximately twenty percent less than that of a paintball gun. Ammunition for airsoft guns is also less expensive; you can purchase about 5000 airsoft pellets for approximately twenty dollars. For the same price, you will get less than 1500 paintballs of similar quality.

Airsoft guns may not be as popular as some other forms of combat game play in North America, but it is quickly getting noticed not only for its affordability but for its flexibility. While there are fewer formal, organized locations for airsoft competitions and team play, this doesn’t limit anyone’s ability to enjoy airsoft guns. These combat play weapons can be used in almost setting, including empty buildings, wooded areas or on farms without damaging property because there is no mess from paintballs and far less debris from pellet shells.

You can use airsoft guns for routine skirmishes, the most common form of play that the casual player is familiar with, or military simulations that last for days at a time. Whichever form of play you favor you’ll use less ammunition and be able to travel lighter using airsoft guns.

If you are interested in learning more about airsoft guns, talk to someone who is a current player and ask them to teach you how to play. Keep in mind that you should always wear protective gear. Airsoft guns shoot their pellets with enough speed to cause bruising of the skin at relatively close range and serious damage to the eye. Properly designed goggles and padded clothing are a must any time you are playing an airsoft game.

Because of the many advantages of airsoft guns for your combat play, it seems certain that you’ll see them increase in popularity in the next several years. Give it a try the next time you have the opportunity and you may become a convert to what is often considered the most realistic form of combat play there is.

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