A proactive approach by your cleaning company may ultimately reduce or completely eliminate those uncomfortable (and occasionally downright unpleasant) complaint Calls you get to make. It is all about meeting your customers’ needs and keeping them satisfied with the service they receive, ensuring you, your customer, are happy with the service you provide. You can do this by ensuring your staff has the skills and knowledge necessary to carry out their duties, and by being organized and fully prepared to handle any situation that may arise. Here are a few ways in which your cleaning company will benefit from taking these essential steps towards becoming more customer focused.

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  • An increased interest in cleaning companies. Customer service is important because it’s a service they expect and need. Your cleaning company will naturally become more proactive as a result of having dealt with such issues before. In some cases, it is possible for a certain amount of self-motivation to help improve customer service levels. However, it’s also very likely that an increase in customer service due to such motivation will only be short lived, as people become used to the new ‘normal’ and will start to look for similar services elsewhere Long Island Cleaning Company.
  • Increased satisfaction. Increased customer satisfaction is arguably the most important benefit of a proactive approach to cleaning company customer service. As previously stated, it is only through careful planning and consideration of all customer service options that any long term improvement can take place. A more informed customer service approach means that the needs of each customer are taken into account and that tailored solutions are offered to meet their specific requirements. This is far different to ‘generic’ cleaning that relies on a quick dusting or wiping down of surfaces to ensure they remain clean and presentable. By providing detailed and specific advice on how to best maintain each customer’s premises, a professional cleaning company is helping to keep staff members motivated and giving them something to look forward to every day.
  • Expanding customer base. One of the reasons why many cleaning businesses fail is because they have little exposure to potential customers. Perhaps they operate in a relatively small area and can’t afford to expand into a metropolitan area, or perhaps they have a small number of windows and therefore can’t hope to gain a high number of clientele through commercial advertising. By using social networking sites and other forms of social marketing, a professional cleaning company is given the opportunity to expand their customer base and build their reputation over time.
  • Improved employee engagement. One of the main problems facing cleaning businesses these days is the morale and commitment of their staff. Many cleaning companies offer a range of benefits to attract new staff, including a pay rise and free training. However, what few cleaning companies realise is that a pay rise and free training can take a long time to actually come about. Meanwhile, a lack of referrals can make it difficult for a cleaning company to attract new employees.

As well as using a variety of techniques to keep the environment clean and safe, a commercial cleaning company may also choose to go further by becoming ‘green’. Going green simply means using products and materials which have no adverse environmental impact. In this way a commercial cleaning company can demonstrate their responsibility and commitment to sustainability, whilst also promoting their own services and products. So next time you’re wondering how to make your cleaning service more efficient and promote customer loyalty, think about how a green cleaning company could achieve both of those goals!

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