Light emitting diodes, more commonly known as LED, have taken the design world by storm. The LED’s popularity has ascribed to many things, namely its environmentally friendly aspects versus quality of light it emits.

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Many people get surprised when they discover that a lighting source which emits almost no heat typically provides a stronger light source that many other types of bulbs. Consequently, the energy-efficient bulbs last longer and saves homeowners and employers a significant amount of money each year.

The bulbs also produce no ultraviolet light, so one does not need to worry if he or she can get a dangerous cancer from being under the lights working all day. However, the LED’s popularity means that the bulb used in every aspect of life.

Many outdoor lighting options are LEDs because they are not dangerous fire hazards to the home. Lighting fixtures and bulbs have been known to start fatal fires because the light source was too hot. Heat plus a dry flora is not good for anyone. Thus, the safer LED lights are the top choice for outdoor lighting.

Since the bulb is so versatile, many designers have been working overtime to give the market with different styles of fixtures for any room of the home. Even though majority of LED lights used outdoors, in kitchens, in bathrooms and hallways, it is common for people to use them anywhere they need light.

People love to use them in the kitchen for under counter lighting. This type of LED down-lighting will allow countertops to appear brighter. Additionally, with advent of plastic coated light bulbs, one need not worry about shattering a bulb in the kitchen. The coated light bulbs contain all shards, thus providing a safer area to work in the kitchen.

However, that is not the only use for the lights in the kitchen. Many interior designers are fans of layering lighting options in the kitchen and as a result many have become fans of combining recessed LED lights with other options in the kitchen

This look gives the kitchen an added dimension as well as allows lights to have more specific jobs which saves energy because one does not need to turn off several lights when one’s needed.

However, the hallway is a very popular place to include LED lights in a house. Recessed LEDs cast a glow on any hallway which is perfect for people who must stumble to another room in the house in the middle of the night.

It is in this transitional area that people will commonly use recessed LED lighting, LED wall-mounted fixtures or LED ceiling fixtures to light up the hallway. The down-lights give a soft glow and one does not need to use many fixtures to light the area. Therefore they are quite popular with minimalist interior designers as well.

Another room where LEDs are right at home is the bathroom. Typically the fixtures in this room provide largest lighting options. Sadly, bathroom lighting options are often overlooked in favor of the kitchen and living areas. More and more people are treating their bathrooms as sanctuaries which must them to focus on that room as well.

Lighting can make someone feel relaxed or stressed and one light can no longer create an atmosphere in a room. Thus, the best way to maximize the bathroom’s lighting features is to use task lighting.

The best place to put an LED light in the bathroom is above the mirror to light the vanity. This is where people need a good view of their skin, teeth and hair are able to properly groom themselves for the day.

Poor lighting will quickly give the skin appearance of shadows and wrinkles which means their makeup application or shaving routine may not look great. Using lights to start the day off right is the best purpose of LED lights in the bathroom.

LED lights are quickly replacing traditional light sources. Some countries even offer citizens credits for using LED lights in the home. With the recent influx of stunning design features for LED lights on the market, there is no reason one can’t incorporate these bulbs and their fixtures in their home.

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