The work-related user is someone who is primarily using their tablet for work. Apps and games are a side thought. For this tablet user I would recommend the ViewSonic ViewPad. This tablet has a 10″ screen allowing a better view of documents opened. The ViewPad operates on both Android and un curso de milagros mexico Windows OS so the user has Microsoft Offices on the tablet allowing Microsoft Word documents, Excel, Power Points, and more to be created, edited, and viewed on the ViewPad. When you are ready to take a break you can switch over to Android and play a game, watch a movie, or surf the web.

The All Around Tablet User

The all-around user is someone who uses many of the features a tablet has to offer. They will both work and play on the tablet, and enjoy really using everything the tablet has to offer, from apps and video to web chat and work. The all-around user sees the tablet as not just a toy, but as a center for everything they need to do online. For this tablet user I would recommend the Samsung Galaxy. This tablet has amazing features like a front facing camera good for web chatting, a rear facing camera good for photos and video, an Amazon Kindle e-reader, and it has the Android Market great for downloading tons of apps. You can also browse the web, go on YouTube, connect with friends on Social Networking Apps like Twitter and Facebook, and you can do all your work on this tablet because it is Microsoft Office compatible. This is a great tablet for the all-around user.

The Hardcore Tablet User

The hardcore user is someone who will learn ever functionality of their tablet, and wants a tablet that comes packed to the gills with features. These tablet users tend to stay well updated with the latest tech news and may by a new tablet every year. For this tablet user I would recommend the Motorola XOOM. This tablet by far has the most features and horsepower on the Android Tablet market. It comes equipped with a rear 5 megapixel camera with an led flash, great for taking pictures and HD video. The tablet also has a front facing camera for web chatting. The XOOM had Adobe Flash Player 10, which allows users to watch video

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