The bidet toilet has long been a popular addition to the European bathroom, but has not taken off in other parts of the world with such a degree of popularity. Many homes have bathrooms too small to accommodate both a bidet and a toilet separately. The bidet toilet seat, a specialist seat that fits your standard toilet is a great compromise, and provides a lot more functionality than the standard bidet.

Companies like Toto have been producing these seats for a number of years, and although they’re not cheap, they do have the most amazing functions. Consider a toilet seat with a remote control seat lift and close, adjustable water temperature with massage facility, warm air drying, and built-in deodorizer to boot. A toilet seat like this could be quite a talking point in anybody’s home.

Retailing for between $400 and $700, these toilet seats do require a power socket close by, and a little extra plumbing to supply the water, but on the whole they’re fairly easy to install, and 토토사이트 any competent plumber should be able to help.

Although they seem like a bit of a luxury, the bidet toilet seat is actually an extremely useful addition to anybody’s home. The added hygiene and remove all of the need for toilet tissue makes them an exceptional design for the modern home.

What is really great about them is they combine the functionality of both a toilet and a bidet in one single unit, thus making them capable of being fitted in even the smallest of restrooms. The kids will love it and so will you. The fact that your toilet will now be something that wouldn’t look out of place on the Starship Enterprise, it will become a talking point for you and your friends.

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