People who attend a holiday remembrance program have said that it benefits them and their ability to get through the holidays after losing their loved ones. The holidays are especially hard when one has lost someone that they love. The simple act of being able to celebrate their life and remember them each year around the holidays is a wonderful form of psychological release.

Funeral professionals can hold a holiday remembrance program and invite anyone in the community who has experienced a loss or simply the client families they have served throughout the year. There are many features that make services of this type important and memorable – from the remembrance ornaments given as memorial gifts to the tribute videos that are played during the program and the interaction between the bereaved.

Providing a personalized keepsake from the program such as a remembrance ornament in celebration of the love and life the bereaved shared with the deceased and not in memory ของชำร่วยงานศพ of a death can offer great healing power. These ornaments are a wonderful keepsake to simply say “I remember”.

Funeral professionals can easily and quickly personalize the remembrance ornaments in-house with the name and dates of the deceased or any other text that is desired. There are several styles of hand blown glass ornaments, tipped with 22k gold that can be created using only a funeral software template, adhesive decals and a standard printer. This type of ornament comes in individual gift boxes for presentation to the families and for safe keeping.

These personalized remembrance ornaments can be presented individually to the families during the program. As the name of the loved one is called, a family member can come forth, receive their remembrance ornament and give a small speech if they like.

Tribute videos can also be created using robust tribute video software that enables the funeral professional to include an unlimited amount of photos, sync the images to music, include videos, captions and more. Including pictures of the people that registered families submit for the memorial is a great way to make each of the attendees feel included.

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