Whether called Instant Splash Pages or Free Instant Splash Pages it has truly been a nice little find for this reviewer. Simple to use for an expert or beginner it could truly be a beneficial tool in any ones online marketing arsenal. But are they really free and are they really instant?

When the name mentions free, they truly can be used in a practical way in your marketing without costing you a dime extra.
Most network marketers and home based businesses can benefit when using this tool to help accomplish their online marketing goals. Free use allows you create a clean to the point splash or landing pages. As of now you can create an unlimited number of pages. Providing you have an active email account and prevent Instant Splash Page from being blocked from your email filter (read the white letter). Be sure not to let it sit idle in any 30 day period and it’s yours to use for free.

Instant, I guess if you consider creating a page in 5 minutes instant. Providing you are organized you can actually create a great page in under 5 minutes. Wow, that’s a big time saver for me, how about you? Your page is small and limits your use of words per line. You get a 40 word headline, a 75 word sub header and 3-100 word bullet points. It forces you to be very concise and thoughtful with your wording. To get 먹튀사이트 started simply click the link found on the lower left of an existing page being displayed on line. No financial or credit card information is needed or collected. Just name and email information and you are in. Free includes your photo. Grab your Facebook photo and plug it in by a simple upload. Free includes your ability to add embedded video code. Do you have a favorite YouTube video? Then just copy the embedded code and simply paste it in. Free includes the placement of any banner ad with link. Free also includes an external link to any website of your choice. Free also includes a name and email box that allows you two marketing emails per day to those individuals who opt in with their information. Although not a true auto responder it’s not bad for free.

Now for those just determined to spend money you can choose to go “Pro”. Your upgrade PRO Membership at $10.00 per month allows you to add real auto responder such as Traffic Wave or Aweber. Now you have the ability to create a true marketing funnel. First create a “Splash Page” which builds a little curiosity or asks the problem question. Then link it to the “Instant Squeeze Page” you just created by adding an auto responder from Traffic Wave or Aweber to collect their name and email address. Use html code to even dress up you page with even more photos, graphics, videos links and text. Earn a 50% or $5.00 per month commission for each Free Members you refer when they upgrade and become Pro Member. Instant Splash Pages provides a great monthly up front commission when packaged with other market driven companies providing necessary marketing tools such as GDI and Traffic Wave.

The small price for Free Instant Splash Pages comes with a very annoying unavoidable side effect. You can not help but notice the banner ads that you’re forced to navigate through when you login to your account and back office. Most promoting Traffic Exchanges all promising the impossible. However if you stay focused on building your business and avoid the banner ad rabbit holes, in my expert opinion I believe you get more than your moneys worth from this great little tool.

Walter Rice is not an Internet Guru, he’s just a regular guy who has figured out how to make a great living marketing on the net. Simple strategies that take into consideration the lowest common money and knowledge denominator. Walter has discovered like himself that most people are skeptical, and don’t have money to waste or lose on businesses that aren’t realistic or logical

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