Survival Hunter PvP comes down to two basic parts: laying on the damage per second (DPS) and crowd control (CC). The Survival spec is one of the more flexible builds in the game and can be really tailored to either your specific playing style and/or the needs of your Arena team. A well played Survival hunter in either the Battlegrounds or the Arena can be devastating.

If you have done any reading on the topic you’ll be hard pressed to find one fully accepted survival hunter spec that the unwashed masses generally agree is “the” SV build. The class just has too many options and variables.

Let’s start with with crowd control. No matter if you are playing with a melee class such as a Warrior or Rogue or a finger wiggler like a Warlock or Priest you are going to be 안전토토사이트 somewhat in command of the situation. Typically, due to range requirements, you’ll be a bit further back from the main knot of action and therefore you’ll be counted on to make some pretty snap decisions that can have a huge impact on the outcome of an Arena match or BG round.

A common approach in PvP play as a SV is to CC that darn healer. Step on them, freeze them, take them out, set them on fire, keep them quiet, shut them up, drain their mana, throw TnT at them, kick them in the shin, call their mother names, make loud noises to distract them. Use everything is the SV hunters ample bag of tricks to royally mess up their day. Keep them from doing their job. Let the others take out the DPS and then quickly dispatch the healer.

As far as DPS goes a SV hunter in a Battleground can cause an immense amount of bloodshed. If you get a couple of SV hunters together, all focused on one area with a crossfire effect, it can be downright scary. The amount of damage that this class can unleash, coupled with their uncanny ability to either trap a rushing enemy or simply get the heck out of harm’s way,can literally be a game changer.

The trick to finding your specific SV build is going to understand where your strengths as a player are. Do you have a knack at trapping and CCing everything in sight? Or are you more effective at pouring on the lead and using your traps to keep yourself alive? As you get more familiar with the balance of the two main areas of this build you can then start getting into the real nitty gritty of building a sick hunter.

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