The Hunter I-40-04-SS 4″ pop-up rotor was designed keeping in mind the watering needs of large sports fields. Sports fields and stadiums are characterized by small turf but have to endure heavy foot traffic. Thus, the sprinklers needed for such areas need to have tough surfaces which will endure the harsh weather and human traffic as well as can water across a large range of area effectively.

Origin of the Hunter I-40-04-SS 4″ pop-up rotor

The Hunter Industries have been pioneers in the manufacture of pop-up rotors for more than three decades now. Started in 1981, this company was founded by Edwin J Hunter who pioneered in irrigation facilities in the agricultural industry. The Hunter family business grew and so did the revolutionary product ideas from their stable. The gear driven rotors which were manufactured by this company became instantly 안전토토사이트 popular and came in great demand for commercial and residential plots. The industrial series of pop-up rotors, to which the Hunter I-40-04-SS 4″ pop-up rotor belongs, are designed to serve the watering purposes of large landscape areas such as sports fields, commercial parks and so forth.

Each rotor design in this series is designed specifically for certain landscape area or a specific watering need. In this case, the Hunter I-40-04-SS 4″ pop-up rotor is designed specifically for large sports fields or stadiums. While some features of this rotor are similar to the others in the series, it has some distinguishing features of it’s own.

Features of the Hunter I-40-04-SS 4″ pop-up rotor

This commercial rotor is designed to water sports facilities with the water reaching a height of 70 feet. This height is achieved in this rotor by the triple nozzle system common in the I-40 series which also ensures that the speed of water is undisturbed by strong opposing wind forces. While the main nozzle ensures the 70 feet height is reached, the two other nozzles, also called the secondary nozzles, ensure water spread in the mid range and close range distances. The Hunter I-40-04-SS 4″ pop-up rotor comes with six nozzles with varying radius heights so that a range from 45 to 70 feet can be covered.

The stainless steel rise up ensures durability and aesthetics of a good looking design in the Hunter I-40-04-SS 4″ pop-up rotor. The rotor tops have a rubber base so that minimal damage can occur to the sprinkler tops which lie just beneath the surface and also ensure that no damage is caused by the sprinkler heads when they come in contact with human foot traffic or others. The Hunter I-40-ON pop-up rotor is a variant in this series which has opposing primary and secondary nozzles which allow the water to be sprinkled in opposite directions from the same sprinkler. This gives an incredible coverage of the midrange and close range areas.

Thus, this pop-up rotor is a must for stadiums and large sports fields. For spraying water up to a height of 70 feet in an amazing short span of time, the Hunter I-40-04-SS 4″ pop-up rotor will fit the bill for maintaining a well watered stadium or sports ground area.

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