Canoeing can be related to driving any vehicle. There are a lot of considerations which the driver should bear in his mind. Safety must be the top priority at all costs. Canoe paddle sizing largely depends on several factors. The paddles are the tools which act out on the purpose of prompting the canoe into motion. That is why the sizing them must be a careful move to venture into.

Canoeists are by nature determined to paddle all the way through their desired destination as they face the challenging waters. Determination, personal grit, and sweat are the main ingredients that make up an effective canoeist. Aside from all these factors, the paddle is the tool which receives all of the canoeist’s energy and in turn drives the boat into movement.

How to Choose the Canoe Paddle Size

You don’t just get into a store which sells marine products and grab the first unit that you spot. This is a wrong notion. You are required to take sufficient time in determining the correct inflatable paddle board canoe paddling size that will suit your needs and wants. They range from various types. You firstly have to ask yourself of your main purpose when canoeing. Is it for recreational purposes? Will you be using them to go on with the lake water, whitewater, or for racing? The canoe paddling sizing must definitely meet your goals.

The Categories of the Types of Canoe Paddles

Recreational Canoe Paddles: These are aimed at general purposes-whether they will be utilized for day trip canoeing around the campsite, cottage, or lakes with friends and family members. The recreational canoe paddles are chiefly composed of cheaper materials like the plastic, cheaper kinds of wood, and aluminum. These sorts of paddles are also simply crafted. The plastic and aluminum canoe paddles take a lot of different shapes, are durable, and of course, a lot cheaper.

Lake water canoe paddles: As the name itself implies, these are the kinds of paddles which can withstand numerous strokes when traversing lake water trips. The blades of these paddles are narrow and long which allow smooth strokes despite the flat and deep water level. Most of these kinds are composed out of ash, maple, mahogany, poplar, and walnut woods.

Whitewater canoe paddles: These paddles are typically short and square-bladed that allows powerful and swift strokes even in the shallow water levels. The spooned or flat design serves the purpose of catching more than enough water and endures the abusive damages which may be caused by the rocks. They are either made up of fiberglass, Kevlar, carbon, or wood.

Performance paddles: These are used for competitions. The materials in here are much expensive and the blades come in a diverse set of shapes. Manufacturers ensure that the paddles are light but sturdy.

Deciding on the Perfect Canoe Paddle Sizing

Deciding on the appropriate sizing can only be determined by the user himself. Factors like the paddle blade size, canoe type, the kind of paddling activity, the height and style of the canoe seats, and the user’s arm and torso size play a big role. When shopping for one, you can try one paddle and practice paddling. Your thumb can instantly feel which will be comfortable for you. The decision may be tough to make but be willing to spend time to think it over. Remember, you will be the one to perform the strokes.

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